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Filing Complaints


If you encounter a privacy violation, and wish to file a complaint, it is often difficult to determine how to do so. The following are links. Several of these pages include referral links. For example the

Most of these are US, but as I come across other national sites, I will attempt to post them.

The Links

www.donotcall.gov (US) For "do not call" complaints as well as registration to the "do not call" list

Gateway page for National Credit Union Administration (NCUA, US)
This includes links directing the reader to the correct agencies for reporting most types of financial institutions.

Privacy Request Letters

These are privacy request letters, typically sent in response to a "We will use your personal information any way we damn well please" letter.
to Sample GLBA Letter

to Sample Privacy Request Letter for Telecommunications for privacy requests directed to common carriers (under 47 USC 222 and the GLBA (US))

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