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The following is an email note I received in response to the r-ball.html webpage. The format is quite steam-of-thought in writing style, but well-stated (my opinion as a writer). I think the immediacy of thought embodied in that email note warrant leaving the typos alone.

While ancedotal in nature, this indicates at least one person's experience with Ritalin:

Subject:   ritilin
Date sent: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:57:27 -0700

im a 29 year old male and i took ritilin as a child and i belive its where all my problems i had over the years started i took it when i just started school kindergarden i missed hundred + days most of thats is a blank spot i remeber bits n pieces clearly i remeber the last day i went up there to the school and the teacher said she passed me or what ever i was takin off of it around summer time u know that was early 80s so i cant recall much of the grade school years but in my early teens i was diagnosed with depression and put on antidepressants and sence then what im tryin to get to i been through suicide attempts prblems with illigal drugs and mental prblems i cant control i been on all kinds of medication sence then im tryin to obtain a copy of my records from the hospital that started me out on ritilin and all their other meds i was put on for a serios of head aches most of my child hood but ritilin i havnt takin it sence then and read all about it and u know some guy in my town was on it he chopped up his family and his realives sued them and his siblings that made it out alive are set for life but im not tellin u this cuz i want to sue em n be rich i want this information to be somthin for u to look into because if so people should be enlightind that drs can cause some one to turn into a drug addict and ruin their life my names mike u can email me back n let me know whjat u think and i got your site bookmarked and im startin to get in a state of mind where i do want my mind back

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