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Corporate Agents

Purpose of this Page

This is part of the Telemarketing Scum website, and explains how to get the attention of a corporation's legal/management department.

What They Are

Corporations, in order to do business in a state, must have a local agent with an office in that state. Most use a Corporate Agent, even if they have business offices or even law departments in some of these states.

Who They Are

Typically this is a small office in the business hub of a state. Typically most corporations use a single Corporate Agent, which is convenient for anyone sending correspondence that way. In Delaware, this is a single office in Wilmington (although the capital is Dover). Sometimes this function is performed by one of the large law firms.

How to Find Them

The easiest way to find a corporation's Corporate Agent is to call your state's Secretary of State office (not Madelyne Albright's office!), and ask for the mailing address or corporate agent's address for the business. While you're on the phone, ask if that particular agent handles most out-of-state corporations.

What This Means

The sole function of these agents is to receive notices sent to the company. Typically these are law suit complaints and the like. This means that any notice sent to a Corporate Agent will go to either the corporation's law department or top management.

From there only three things can happen:

  1. The legal department gets the notice and reviews it. Someone writes a short memo or directs questions to the cognizant manager of the company.
  2. Same as above, but the legal department advises the cognizant manager to change the way they are doing business in order to stop violating the law. The last thing the manager wants to hear about is legal trouble. He/she/it takes the appropriate steps to, for example, comply with your request. The whole idea of the manager's job at the corporation to avoid getting into trouble;
  3. The notice gets reviewed and then tossed; or
  4. The notice gets sent to with an optional detour through the "customer relations" department. (same thing). okay that's four things

As you can see, any notice you send through the Corporate Agent must be professionally reviewed by someone who is paid to consider such things. You may get a letter from an automaton, but the letter will have gone to upper management first.

What to Say

Since you know the communication will go to those whose job and expertise is keeping the company out of trouble, don't apply too much effort to "feel good" things like customer goodwill. State that you wish the company to comply with a particular law or the equivalent. Make it sound appealing, so if reviewed by a lawyer, the lawyer will want to advise the division to comply.

The best way to write a legal request is to presume it will be reviewed by a judge, and that the judge has no idea as to what's going on. Also, make it easy for the in-house lawyer to figure out how to respond. Example:

I had on May 5, 1943, at 7:30 PM (dinnertime), received a call from a person claiming to represent National Scum. I had specifically requested that I:

1. be placed on your do-not-call list.
2. receive written confirmation that I was placed on your do-not-call list.
3. receive a copy of your policy for complying with such "do-not-call" requests.

As you undoubtedly know, I am legally entitled to each of these under the Telephone Consumer Fraud Protection Act (TCFPA) of 1994. I have never received these, much less received them on a timely basis. I am sure this is an oversight, as I presume that National Scum would want to comply with the letter and spirit of the law. Note that the TCFPA stipulates a $10,000.00 per- violation fine.

Would you please make sure that I am placed on a do-not-call list for all of National Scum's telemarketing efforts. Also please provide the written confirmation and copy of your policy that I had earlier requested.


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